Currently Shooting Irish Feature Film ”BLACK ICE”

Jason is currently filming new Irish feature film BLACK ICE on locations around Sligo and Leitrim, BLACK ICE is due for release late this year (2012).

A FILM by writer and director Johnny Gogan, featuring Love/hate actor Killian Scott, Jason Matthewson (Bású na gCarad ) is currently being shot in the Northwest.

“The film is set in Donegal in 2008 and it’s a story about the car scene at that time. Alice, played by up and coming star Jane Mcgrath is the leading character. She falls in love with Jimmy, played by Killian Scott.

“The film is very much about the petrol heads, and the world of cars and racing. Alice gets more and more involved in that dangerous world.

BLACK ICE is being made with Bandit Films and Still Films in Dublin.

Peter Martin from Strandhill is shooting the film, with Amy O’ Hara in charge of the costumes. “It’s quite a big cast, mostly young actors, including Danny Conaghan, Jason Matthewson, Donal O’ Kelly, Marion Quinn, Conor Mc dermotroe and Ròisìn Scully.

Filming is in it’s last few days, concluding this saturday March 3rd. Jason will be moving on to film his second feature film of the year BETWEEN THE LIGHTS starting March 5th on locations around donegal.

Action drama
Bandit Films
Black Ice is a film being shot on locations around Leitrim and Sligo
Jane McGrath, Killian Scott, Dermot Murphy, Jason Matthewson, Marian Quinn, Conor Mc Dermottroe, Roisin Scully, Amy Molloy, Donal O’Kelly, Michael Harding, Danny Connaghan, Alan Devine,
Directed By
Johnny Gogan
Written By
Johnny Gogan and Brian Leydon
Screenplay By
Johnny Gogan and Brian Leydon
Produced By
Trevor Curran and Nicky Gogan